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Kitchen Couture

D-Lux 57  Designing the World's Finest Fashion Aprons

D-Lux 57 quality aprons are designed for the modern day June Cleaver. Available in women's, tween cooks (7-14) and little cooks (4-6x) sizes.  A selection of prints are available in matching Mother/Daughter aprons. D-Lux 57 offers a variety of apron styles and gorgeous cotton prints.

Our D-Lux 57 Original Keepsake Collection Aprons are fully lined and packaged in a matching keepsake envelope. These vintage styled aprons make great gifts and years down the road become wonderful heirlooms full of memories of baking cookies, special holiday meals and family time.

Our new D-Lux 57 Designer Series Aprons are made of the same high quality cotton but lighter weight for those cooks that really know how to turn up the heat in the kitchen. The Designer Series aprons are a fabulous value for an American made product.

WARNING: Just because you wear a D-Lux 57 apron doesn't mean you're a good cook. It doesn't mean you have to cook. It does mean that you look good when you tie one on! "Like" us on Facebook

Our Aprons are Proudly Made in the USA !

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D-Lux57 offers a designer kitchen apron line of fashion cooking aprons, cute kitchen aprons, vintage aprons & retro aprons for women, men & children.